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Rexnamo Electro, the electric mobility company of India, has unveiled the Rexnamo SuperCruiser, a two-seater electric super bike concept.

The concept will see the light of production in a improved avatar. It’s stylish, old school and the designers from USA, who are a part of Rexnamo’s in-house design team, have done an exceptional job to make it look radical and give it that vintage cruiser feel.

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The SuperCruiser will be powered by an electric motor developing approximately 46bhp. The high capacity battery which basically runs the show can power the SuperCruiser from 0-100km/h in less than 5 seconds while the top-speed is claimed to be in excess of 165km/h.

The SuperCruiser will go up on sale in 2015 and will be sold both in India and in international markets.

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