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Welcome to a clean, connected, smart transportation revolution

Rexnamo Range of Electric Vehicles & Retrofit Kits/Parts

Clean, Smart, Connected, Exclusivity and Luxury is what the name “REXNAMO” stands for.

We are a new company led by an executive team with decades of experience in the automotive and tech industries.

Electric vehicles are rising in popularity because of higher gasoline/petrol prices. In addition, battery technology has improved, making this form of transportation more practical. Moreover, the maintenance costs are negligible compared with the additional oil changes, tune-ups, and all the other maintenance costs of an internal combustion engine car/motorcycle.

“The Rexnamo SuperCruiser Bike is a great first step, but not enough. There is HUGE demand and interest for more EVs, and variety is lacking heavily in the automotive market. Don’t believe it? Just ask one of the 500,000 or so people world-wide that are currently reservation holders for the Tesla Model 3. The hard truth is that traditional automotive brands are not equipped to address how the digital age has transformed buyers expectation for automobiles, and they also have concerns for how it will disrupt their business model.”

All Types of E-Vehicles

Superior lithium-ion battery pack, enhanced motor performance, fresh colours, a new Android Open Source OS, faster charging

Super smart. Super connected

Over the cloud updates with integrated 4G LTE

Dealerships Accepted

We are open up for dealerships all across India. Min. Investment Rs. 80 lacs

Affordable and convenient

Charge at any 5A plug point. Avail easy EMI with low Pre-Booking Amount.

All Products

All Products

Electric Battery Packs, Battery Management Systems, Infotainment Systems, Electric Car, Bikes, Scooters, Trucks, New Energy Research, Material Science R&D, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, ESS (Energy Storage Systems), OEM – Large Fleet Application, Electric Roadable Aircraft

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What we do

We provide a wide range of services for EV (Electric Vehicle) developers across various stages of EV projects.

Like Custom Parts Service, General EV Consultation, Tech Support, EV Conversions, Production Projects, EV Education Program


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As we would love to show all of our builds here but we do a fair amount of vehicles as private labels. Only these are the vehicles we can show.

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E-Bike 200

Get the Dream Car/Bike You always Wanted Rs. 2000 Order Online for Touchless Delivery

Limited time Offer!

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List of Charging Stations in Delhi NCR February 24, 2018 | post by Rexnamo

List of Charging Stations in Delhi NCR Electric Vehicles have become a mainstream segment in major countries and the

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Own an electric scooter. Not the battery worries. With an option of Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Range Extender

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