We are passionate about the profound and positive impact on-demand urban air transportation can have on urban mobility. To share your feedback or express your interest in building this vision with us whether as a pioneer city, VTOL manufacturer, regulator, infrastructure developer, user group or any other stakeholder, please contact us at info@rexnamo.com

The VTOL Aircraft of Rexnamo Electro is an aviation revolution. Safer, easier and cleaner than ever before, it changes the way of getting around.

Summary of the Invention

The E-Aircraft is an environmentally friendly, affordable and emission free private land vehicle and air helicopter. Under appropriate conditions the E-Aircraft; like a car, can park at the house. It is easy to use, you can fly away immediately and is safe, environmentally friendly and affordable way.

The Impact

Aircraft design will never be the same again after the pressure to save the planet, reduce local noise, air and land pollution, reduce dependency on foreign oil and to modernise industry. Belatedly, leaded fuel is being banned for aviation and considerable financial support is now available for the creation of new types of electric aircraft.


Its VTOL abilities will make this aircraft platform able to access landing areas without the need for a runway. The electric engines eliminate a lot of complex machinery in traditional tilt-wing craft, such as drive-shafts, hydraulics and gearboxes.

Fully Autonomous Operation

A pre-designated location can be programmed to which the vehicle will autonomously(by-itself) fly. A working prototype could be ready by 2018 with prices around INR Rs. 1.5 Crore 

Suited well for Developing Countries

In developing countries like India, where the poor road infrastructure inhibits movement. The aircraft is going to bring prosperity to the people.

Express Interest

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[quote]We choose to do these things, we choose to go to the moon not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard, And I think not enough people choose to embrace the hard.[/quote]