Fastest Charger of the world

Fastest Charger of the world

We at Rexnamo aim to only use Lithium batteries and the fastest charging times practically possible. There are readymade Japanese and American high power chargers; but they are too expensive and too heavy. So like all other electronic components, we started design and development of the high speed charger in Jan 2012. Now we have made over 5 iterations. Each one better, faster and smaller than before.

By 2015, we now have a charger which is quite possibly one of the world’s most premium electric vehicle charger that can charger a Rexnamo vehicle in to 80% capacity from empty in less than an hour. Pretty amazing. What do you say?

What this means to you?

It doesnt matter how long trip you want to take. Rexnamo vehicles will never let you down.

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