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What we do?
We’re converting
conventional cars to eco-friendly ones.

We develop engineering design tools and manufacturing methods to transform convention internal combustion engine based vehicles into electric vehicle (EV’s).

The processes incorporated into practice are based on the following principles of circular economy:

1. Vehicles are kept in use as long as possible through multiple service lives

2. Maximum value is extracted from the vehicle while in use

3. Materials in the car are recovered and regenerated at the end of each life

We have engineered robust efficient and compact electric powertrain with Lithium-ion batteries efficient and compact electric powertrain with Lithium-ion batteries as energy source and associated accessories as kits for different vehicles that fit in perfectly to convert the conventional vehicles into EV.

A team of experts in relevant fields are assembled to integrate various components into compact, reliable and affordable kits with extensive testing both in our laboratory and on road.

We seek certifications for the kits and their respective vehicles from Automotive Research Association of India, thereby validating our design, testing and manufacturing methods

Our business model is based on populating these kits widely so as to curb the greenhouse gas emissions.

See how we engineered the robust and compact EV powertrain to fit in perfectly with your car.

Take ownership of the climate change mitigation by using clean and electric mobility powered by Rexnamo.

Now experience smooth gearless and noiseless ride every inch you move in your cars powered by Rexnamo. We engineered the powertrain to give you hassle free rides and offer you lesser maintenance costs.

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