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Zero Oil Changes

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REXNAMO E-Mobility Solutions

Fully Customisable Electric Bike and Cars

Rexnamo electro Pvt. Ltd. Is the first company to bring a true electric superbike to the market and has been the first in many other areas. We have focused on developing leading edge technology for the past 7 years.
We are a leader in high performance electric vehicle development in India. 
Electric motorcycles and scooters are rising in popularity because of higher gasoline/petrol prices. In addition, battery technology has improved, making this form of transportation more practical. Moreover, the maintenance costs are negligible compared with the additional oil changes, tune-ups, and all the other maintenance costs of an internal combustion engine motorcycle.
REXNAMO E-Mobility Solutions Eliminate Emissions and Reduce Fuel Costs 90% While Enhancing Vehicle Performance for a true Sports Car/Bike vehicle characteristics. FOR MORE DETAILS CONTACT - INFO@REXNAMO.COM.
We personally handle each project with utmost attention and care. No two cars or bikes are the exact same. We manufacture cars and bikes in limited numbers.
The Rexnamo Prototype Cruiser.

Who’s behind?

Behind Rexnamo's are leaders and awesome members, donors & suppliers. The inventors holds advanced engineering degrees from USA, Germany and are determined to make a change in the current mode of transportation.
  • 2000: Youngest Person (company’s CEO) to Build Racecar from Scratch (Aged 13)
  • 2003: First Super-Luxury Electric powered Limousine
  • 2006: First Electric Mitsubishi Lancer Race Car
  • 2007: First Indian Electric Sport Bike
The idea started as some pencil sketches, then reworked in Photoshop, turned into CAD drawings and finally into a real motorcycle using a mix of CNC machines and hand-assembly. The concept bike uses 16 batteries and the on-board computer designed inhouse ensures that they maintain an equal charge. This prevents total battery depletion and maximizes energy storage on the motorcycle for 10 plus years of care-free driving. For your convenience and ease of charging we have built a charger into the motorcycle. The on-board battery charger can charge using any standard 15 amp 220 volt electrical outlet and the motorcycle is estimated to only need 5-10 charges per month based on average commuter data. This means you can charge the motorcycle anytime: at home, work, anywhere there is a socket. You will save time, money on maintenance, and you will never have to worry about forgetting the charger because it’s always on-board. The batteries we use have an amazing life cycle and are maintenance free. They’re inherently extremely safe and can withstand temperatures without decomposing and, unlike other acid batteries, can be topped up at any time. Outperforms the very best petrol bikes in the world. And now Rexnamo bikes actually outperforms almost all petrol based bikes and are overall better bikes, with an added benefit of being completely eco-friendly. Zero Emission.

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