Rexnamo Electro Pvt. Ltd. offers OEMs, Large fleets a new type of complete electric vehicle kit. We offer demonstration programs for OEM’s on request. In high volumes the cost of motors/drivetrain is comparable to equivalent-spec petrol/diesel engine while providing tremendous running cost savings to the consumer (reduced maintenance, less moving parts, clean, long-life, and battery trade-in at end of life).


Taxi Sedan Fleets


Heavy Vehicles (Trucks), E-Buses

Medium Trucks, Small Cars, Delivery 2 wheeler Vehicles, Postman vehicle, Military Vehicles.

Segment Diesel Buses CNG Hybrid Electic Bus Pure Electric Bus
Model Volvo 8400 (AC) Tata STARBUS SLF 44 (AC/non-AC) TATA STARBUS LE CNG 18 (AC/non-AC) Tata STARBUS Hybrid (AC/non-AC) Rexnamo Cerna (AC/non-AC)
Seats 32 44 18 32 upto 60
Length 12.3m 12 m 12 m 12 m 12 m
Width 2.5 m 2.5 m 2.55 m 2.55 m 2.55 m
Height 3.2 m 3.2 m 3.35 m 3.35 m 3.49 m
Gross Weight 16,200 kg 16,200kg 16,000 kg 16,200 kg 18,500 kg
Costs (INR) 88 lacks 33 lacks 30 lacks 1.2-1.4 crores 1.5-3 crores
Fuel Efficiency 2.2 km/L 3.5 km/L 2-3 km/kg 2.2-4km/kg 1.5 kWh/km
Fuel Cost INR 23/km INR 15/km INR 13-19 /km INR 10-17/km INR 5/km
Range (km) 484 560 260-390 286-520 249 to 1000
Fuel Tank Size 220 L 160 L 720 L 720 L
Charging Time 10 min. to 4 hrs
Max power 290 BHP 177 BHP 230 BHP 230 BHP engine 44 kW battery 180 kW
Max torque 1,200 Nm 685 Nm 687 Nm 678 Nm 700 Nm
Battery Type Li-ion batteries Li-ion Iron (300 kWh) or Aluminium Fuel Cell
Emission Standard EURO III BS III BS IV EURO III Zero tail pipe emission

(Source: Electric Buses in India: Technology, Policy and Benefits, Global Green Growth Institute, 2016)

PRT Vehicles



Different means of transport vehicles, from road vehicles such as bicycles, motorbikes and cars, to marine vehicles such as powerboats, sailboats and military vehicles applications.

Rexnamo Electro is also developing systems suitable for next generation’s light sport aircraft (LSA) and experimentals.

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