Li-Ion 48V 10A Battery Charger (Advanced Microcontroller tech)


  • Automatically shuts down when the temperature rises beyond the limits, thanks to its over-temperature sensing function.
  • Designed by Taiwan
  • Give LED Display indication for Power On, Charging and Battery Ready.
  • Support models where communication with the battery pack to automatically adjust voltage and current limits as per battery type connected.

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The NPFC 48V/10A Charger is a Lithium-ion charger. Which specially designed for Electric Vehicle (E-Bike/E-Scooty). The charger converts 230V AC into 54.6V DC and it gives 8A charging current at minimum 170V AC and maximum 270V AC. It comes with a powerful micro-controller and it has many protection features like Overload protection, Output Short Circuit protection, Over Temperature protection, Battery Reverse protection. Which makes it a Fully Featured Charger.

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