REXLED’s (Rexnamo trademark) powertrain and battery systems are designed to suit in a variety of applications. The modular design of our components enables us to adapt them fast and cost effective for every customer.

We are providing a wide range of engineering and production services. Please contact us for further information.

The founder and CEO – Naman Chopra started converting his petrol powered cars to electric as early as age 19. And he built complete petrol vehicles from scratch when age 14, setting a new world record for youngest car builder – he became a celebrity of a small town – Ghaziabad in India in 2014. Later after completing college from prestigious Purdue University in USA, he was quickly spotted by Elon Musk to work at Tesla Cars in California Headquarters on new car development (vehicle engineering).

*Please note that we are not converting traditional (gas) powered cars to electric vehicles for customers. Only OEM customers welcome.